Camp Update

Feb. 1 2024


Did you know you’re a camp VIP?

Because you care about Quaker Meadow I thought you’d appreciate being the first to hear about some BIG changes and updates.

This has been a crazy, challenging year for Quaker Meadow.
Maybe you heard or saw on our social media we had to close camp mid summer due to our staff and campers getting ill.

Though there have been challenges bringing us to the brink of closure with illness, Covid-19 and wild fires we’ve also experienced God’s blessing and provision through His word and His people like you.

We’ve leaned into Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

For us, when we’ve looked at the really hard things things with our own eyes, we haven’t seen a clear path forward; however, when we’ve reminded ourselves to walk in faith, trusting God our strength has been renewed.

Now that we’ve reopened we’re seeing more and more groups booking for 2024. (If you’d like to bring your group in the summer of 2024, please let me know.)

We’re also experienced both the trauma of significant financial losses from our early closure in 2023 AND the blessings of financial gifts from generous donors.

We continue to hope for a vibrant, sustainable ministry that serves thousands of campers throughout the West Coast, where we facilitate a “God” experience unlike other parts of our normal lives where darkness often prevails.

Your love and support has helped us see thousands of lives changed at Quaker Meadow over the 80 years of camp ministry. We’re so grateful when we hear of first-time commitments and recommitments to Christ, as well as those being called into the ministry while at camp. It’s this amazing work of God that keeps us hoping and longing for more, and to play a vital role in that life-change.

The mystery of camp.
As we to talk with our neighbors in Tulare County we are astonished at how few have ever heard of Quaker Meadow Christian Camp.

You can imagine, we’ve been working diligently to shout it from the rooftops that we are here to serve. We’re doing this by presenting to community groups, churches, and civic events and a strong online presence.

The Board and I have considered and prayed deeply to see how we can extend our reach and be economically viable for years to come.

That seeking has led us to a MAJOR revelation.

First, though the camp has not been a denominational (Quaker) camp since 2003, there’s still questions as to whether we only serve Quaker groups. In reality, we serve the whole Body of Christ with it’s many denominations.

Second, there’s significant confusion among area residents and prospective guest groups regarding the difference between ‘Quaking Aspen’ and Quaker Meadow. Many are familiar with Quaking Aspen Campground (US Forest campground), which is approximately 2 miles from camp, but not Quaker Meadow. The similarities between Quaker Meadow and Quaking Aspen has led to many a mixups.

Given the circumstances of recent challenges with significant operational interruptions, the lack of awareness about camp, and the confusion between our name with our closest neighbor, the Board has elected to change the name of the camp to Sequoia Meadow Christian Camp with a start date of February 2024.

We’ll revamp our online presence and move forward aggressively with various promotional campaign.

None of us believe this separates us from the camp’s roots and camp’s establishment by a tenacious group of visionary pioneers that continued for decades.

In fact, in honor of the founding group the Board voted unanimously to rename the chapel “Quaker Chapel”, which will be part of the renovations to start in 2024.

We pray you’ll join us with support and encouragement with a new name, but with the same mission: to provide an authentic place to encounter God.

Grace & blessings,

Richard L. Williams, Board President
Brad Dunlap, Executive Director